Monday, November 26, 2012

Introducting Filson 256 in black with Harris Tweed and Tin Cloth!

Wow - just announced!  I'm getting one for Xmas.  I love the design.  It's black, and it's not stupid Tumi black.  Congrats to whoever designed this at Filson - I'm really impressed!

"This updated version of our Original 256 Briefcase features handsome Harris Tweed wool accents"

"Our classic original 256 briefcase style now in our famous oil finish Tin Cloth"



Black/Otter + Harris Tweed/Tin Cloth commands a $70 premium over standard Filson 256.


Filson 256 in Black Tin Cloth
Filson 256 in Harris Tweed



Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Filson 256

Newsflash - Filson had introduced two black 256 briefcases.  See:

Original post:
Not happening unless Filson wants to produce an item that at least one customer really wants to own. It's beyond obvious that the 256 would sell extremely well if they offered a version in black with brown leather trim as shown below.  There are other obvious tweaks they should make to fix little design problems.  A guy that I work with showed me two improvements he has made to his 256.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, the shoulder strap doesn't feel right - they need rubber underneath so it doesn't slip off your shoulder.  The Filson designers are such purists.  It would be sacrilege to produce a 256 that was not gold rush era worthy. 


On my shopping list: Barack Obama watch

I've added the Barack Obama watch to my shopping list.  Available for around $200 on ebay.  He received it as a gift from his security detail.  This watch will come in handy when I time myself for my next speech to the nation.  I think it's a lot of watch for $200 - very handsome.  Going forward, I will only buy quartz driven watches.  Never again purchase a wind up watch.

Watch Features :                
•Case Size: 41 MM
•Water Resistant: 100 Meters
•Case:  Stainless Steel
•Dial: Black with White Luminescent hands and Markers
•Caseback: Stainless Steel with Special Edition Number
•Hardened Mineral Crystal
•Band: Black Leather with Stainless Steel Buckle
Packaging  Jorg Gray Box with Factory Supplied Booklets
Brand New Sealed Package




GQ The Style Guy Special Edition - But it now!

Good read - it will eventually sell out -- so buy it.  I wish GQ would publish more of these Special Editions.



Monday, November 5, 2012

Love my Swims Umbrella from Sid Mashburn

$95 - definitely worth the money.  I love the orange handle.  High quality.

"Our favorite umbrella from Norway. Generously sized and operated with an automatic push-button. Not only can you open it with just one hand — you can close it with just one hand. Nylon/rubber handle and tip"

Allen Edmonds Carnauba Wax

I want to try this wax.  I'm not a big fan of using wax on shoes because I feel that wax prevents the shoes from breathing - but the shine is undeniable.

Here's are quotes from the AE website:
"There may be others [Carnauba waxes] out there that I havn't tried but this is the best polish I have ever used. My other secret- slip a piece of nylon pantyhose over your brush for a final buff. You will be amaized at the increase in gloss from this simple step. The carnuba in this wax is the secret ingredient."

"Allen Edmonds is the best polich I have used. It does not dry out in the tin as some brands do. It spreads well and buffs out to a nice shine. It protects my shoes better than the other brands which seem to dry the leather."

In the second quote, he admits that Carnauba waxes from other vendors appear to dry out the leather.