Sunday, June 26, 2011

WSJ: Brunello Cucinelli

"I wear corduroy pants all the time, about seven months out of the year—a heavier cashmere-cotton corduroy in the winter, a lighter one in spring, always in off-white. I've been wearing these pants for about 25 years; it's a matter of look and comfort and it's become part of my uniform. I wear them with cargo pockets during the day and without for evening. Pair them with a very tailored blazer and you're well-dressed enough for anything."

"Black is overrated. You'll never find it in my stores. Of course it's slimming, but it's just used too much, especially for men. One black suit by one designer, another one by another—they all look the same in the end. If I walk into a crowded hotel lobby and I'm wearing a black suit, I just look like everyone else. Luckily, we Italians like to wear color more. That's part of who we are."

Cool Style Blogger accessories

These two accessories can go a long way toward adding style

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tommy Ton's Street Style: Pitti Uomo

Lot's of great ideas:

GQ: How to polish cordovan shoes

"First, I brush the shoe good, cleaning it of any dust or dirt. With the rag wrapped tightly around my first two fingers, I apply the polish in small, tight swirls. By the time I'm through applying wax to the second shoe, the first will be dry and ready to brush, and that's all I do. I was taught to spray a little water on a second light application—a *spit shine*—and buff with the softest cloth I could find until I could see my face. But I was never in the army like my dad and prefer just a little luster to a lot of shine.

I have a closet full of nice shoes but wear the same ones practically every day—a size 13 cordovan (color and leather) plain-toe lace-up. With this particular shoe, I use a black cream every third or fourth polishing instead of cordovan paste. It makes them the same deep aubergine as a perfectly ripe eggplant. They go with everything I own, and they're as comfortable as a bare foot in sand. I've had them resoled twice already, and I'm told a well-made, well-cared-for cordovan will outlast its owner. I aim to find out—just not too soon, I hope."

The Style Guy's Guide to Friendship, Schmoozing, and Social Advancement

Glenn O'Brien - He's been telling GQ readers how to dress and behave for eleven years. But The Style Guy's true expertise may be the art of social navigation. So take it from the man who has always made sure he's in the right circle. (Hell, he had a new-wave talk show! His boss was Andy Warhol!) On the occasion of his new book, How to Be a Man, we asked O'Brien for modern advice on how to win friends and influence people—while always making sure you're moving up.

Book signing party:

Nice Sid Mashburn Mashup

My Style: Nick Sarksian

Nick wears Sid Mashburn style really well.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sid Mashburn

You can call me a preppy or you can call me a classic.

We want to recreate the old idea of a harberdashery for younger guys.

Club tie - worn end longer than front - spread out

Don't just wear things to look great - wear things because you use them.


Equestrian bridle leather belts from Tory Leather Co. made in Williamsport, PA
Product id: 708

Filson 256 Briefcase

I've been thinking about getting the Filson 256 briefcase.  Here are some reviews.

As much as I like the look of this briefcase, the 256 feels wierd on my shoulder.  Filson could easily fix the shoulder strap.  I'll probably opt for a new Tumi instead.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Style icons

Prince William
Sid Mashburn
JFK jr.
Robert Kennedy
Michael Bastian
Tim Gunn
Dan Trepanier

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to pick correct size and style of Levis

Go to:The Quick and Dirty Levi’s Sizing Guide

If you live in the United States, chances are you have purchased or know someone who have purchased Levi’s jeans. As one of the staple jean brands in the US, Levi’s seems like a relatively boring choice to be pro-fashion — but on the contrary, they are some of the best purchases you can make. Though they may not be as expensively branded as other jean brands, Levi’s are an absolutely wonderful start to any wardrobe — they are cheap, are available in a wide variety of fits, and best of all, are available in
virtually any city and all over the place online.

With that being said, here is a quick and dirty Levi’s sizing guide, so you know what to look for if you ever feel like purchasing a pair....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer look I like

Suede Crockett & Jones tie loafers (sans socks), linen blazer, dark Levi's jean with no break, silver belt buckle.  Could have worn khakis instead of jeans.

Love the LL Bean Rugby shirts

From TheStyleBlogger: "One of my favorite, and one of the most underrated, layering pieces for fall is a striped rugby shirt. During this sometimes-cool-sometimes-warm time of season, it’s often all you need on top.  Grab a rugby with a simple stripe in neutral colors, or colors that work easily with other tones (think primaries). When shopping for a rugby – or sweater or jacket for that matter – many people make the mistake of “buying one size up so I can fit a layer underneath”. This is unnecessary. If a layer is too thick to be worn underneath a well fitting garment – a chunky knit for example – it should probably be worn as the outer layer."

Brooks Brothers trad classic polo shirt is 132Q

Classic All-Cotton Slim Fit Supima® Oxford Dress Shirt
Brooks Brothers pure Supima® cotton oxford dress shirt. Designed with our original Polo® button-down collar. Single-needle tailoring. Superdurable cross-stitched buttons. Machine wash. Made in the USA of imported fabric.

The Trad: Blind oxford testing - Brooks Brothers wins

$79.50 (3 /$199) available from Brooks Brothers - Shirt # 4
Collar: Lined 3 1/4" collar with slight roll and wide tie space.
Body: Single needle stitching with one piece yoke. 22" wide x 30" long on 15-4.
Sleeves/Cuffs: Single stitched cuff with 9" wide sleeve and one cuff button.
Pocket: 4 7/8" wide with 'V' stitch.

G. Bruce Boyer (15 1/2 - 2)
The best cloth. Very good slate blue color. Tight weave and ideal weight.
The Goods-
Color: A
Weave: A
Hand: A
Weight: A
Quality: A

Robert Bryan (15-4)
Horrible, clumsy collar. Nice shirt tails. Cheap sleeves and cuff. Nicely finished pocket. Color too gray-blue.
The Goods-
Color: C
Weave: B
Hand: A
Weight: A
Quality: B
On sale the Brooks Brothers, US made, classic Polo oxford is a formidable value. People either love the color of the blue oxford or hate it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coming Fall 2011 - The Bills Khakis Chukka Boot

"If you're like me, you're always on the lookout for a good pair of "something" to put on your feet. It's not easy to find footwear that strikes a balance of functionality and comfort. Which lead me to ask a fundamental question to myself: if you were to create a piece of footwear that matches the versatility, wearability and comfort of a pair of Bills Khakis, what would it be?

My determination to answer this question led me to one of the last remaining boot factories still in the United States, requiring a 12 hour drive to northern Maine. To say "they make boots there the old fashioned way" is an understatement. This is a factory that still practices the art of "hand sewing." It's really more arduous labor than art. With 6 inch needles and 1/8" thick thread, each of the 50 hand stitches required to attach the "plug" (the top of the boot that makes up the tongue, fore foot and toe) to the "vamp" (the leather pieces that wrap around the sides of the foot) closely resembles a wrestling match between craftsman and shoe. Without a doubt, it is the most impressive combination of skill and physical exertion that I have ever seen inside a manufacturing environment. Each boot can take up to an hour to complete. The benefit of this hand sewn construction is unparalleled comfort, with each stitched leather piece molding to the idiosyncrasies of the wearer's foot. So often, boots and shoes fall short in either comfort or functionality. The Bills Khakis Chukka Boot performs a bit like a jeep, getting you to and from work, but fully capable of going off road when called upon"