Saturday, November 20, 2010

Real Versus Pretend Military watches

This fall season, military insprired watches are all the range.  Most, if not all of these military insprired watches are poorly designed or look whimpy.  Example - Glashutte original:

The placement of the date field covers up the numbers.  For $9K, you deserve better design.  You can tell that the department at Glasshutte that makes the watch movements rules over the department that designs the watch face. 

Would you take this watch with you on a mission into Afganistan? Of course not.  You would never take one of these military inspired watches with you into the field.  Why would you want to put one of these whimpy watches on your arm?

I say, get yourself a more real military like watch such as the Luminox Navy Seals watch.  The Sandy 650 Navigator watch is the real deal as it conforms to mil spec (MIL-W-46374F/6645-01-364-4042):

Alternatively, get yourself a Casio G-Shock which I understand is the watch that many in the U.S. special forces actually use today.  The real military watch is a Casio G-Shock with a Nato band.  Create your own so-called Mil-shock watch

Here's an ancient mil spec watch face specification for the so called Bradley watch made by Corvus.  I think this is an elegant watch face design if you ignore the moisture indicator.

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