Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Massif Collection


I really like where this collection is going.

"...But a closer look reveals a Swiss Army knife's worth of functionality. The super-soft blazer is crafted from a four-way stretch wool and is designed with articulated sleeves and diamond-shaped gussets under the arms, affording comfort and a greater range of motion.

It also boasts antimicrobial and moisture-management properties (to control odor and speed drying, respectively), four inner zip pockets and a fifth, barely noticeable, zippered stealth pocket built into the blazer's left forearm. But unlike its military counterparts, the civilian wear is not flame-resistant.

These kinds of performance details run through the entire collection, which includes lightweight jackets (most at a suggested retail price of $250 to $350 with one leather jacket priced at $850), blazers ($350 to $550), sweaters ($350 to $450), button-front shirts ($100 to $200) and trousers ($120 to $220).

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