Monday, November 5, 2012

Allen Edmonds Carnauba Wax

I want to try this wax.  I'm not a big fan of using wax on shoes because I feel that wax prevents the shoes from breathing - but the shine is undeniable.

Here's are quotes from the AE website:
"There may be others [Carnauba waxes] out there that I havn't tried but this is the best polish I have ever used. My other secret- slip a piece of nylon pantyhose over your brush for a final buff. You will be amaized at the increase in gloss from this simple step. The carnuba in this wax is the secret ingredient."

"Allen Edmonds is the best polich I have used. It does not dry out in the tin as some brands do. It spreads well and buffs out to a nice shine. It protects my shoes better than the other brands which seem to dry the leather."

In the second quote, he admits that Carnauba waxes from other vendors appear to dry out the leather.


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