Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pocket squares

A short video about how to make your own pocket square - The Pocket Square (Alpha M Image Consulting).  Basically, you go to fabric store and you purchase 1/2 a yard of fabric ($3-$4).  Cut a 10"x10" square of the fabric.  Don't worry about the edges because nobody will see them.  This is a great option because you are not limited to whatever is available for purchase ready made.

Another low cost option for pocket squares is the tie bar ($8).  I strongly prefer cotton pocket squares over silk.  Here's a pocket square that has been featured in GQ (solid white, hand rolled black border):

You can also make your own pocket squares by cutting them out of second hand shirts as describe at TheStyleBlogger.

Are pocket squares in our or out?  GQ has been featuring them prominently the last few years.  Esquire says they are out.  My view is that pocket squares -- done correctly -- add a nice touch when you are not wearing a tie.

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