Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tim Gunn - Wardrobe

I adore Tim Gunn. He's elegant, suave, intelligent and articulate with plenty of integrity.  Tim is the reason why Project Runway is successful.

Observations about Tim's wardrobe:

1) Until recently, Tim has had a "meager" budget to acquire his wardrobe.

2) As of 2007, Tim had a tiny closet.  It's surprising how few pieces he owns (for example, only 8 pairs of dress shoes).

3) Tim's clothing fits well.

4) Tim has upgraded his wardrobe since he assumed his new role as Chief Creative Officer for Liz Claiborne.

5) Tim demonstrates to us that it's possible to look fabulous with a relatively limited wardrobe.  We don't have to own a zillion articles of clothing to look great.  We simply need to own the right articles of clothing that fit well.

6) Tim personifies the notion of elegant simplicty.

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